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Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage

The Google Cloud Platform provides a data storage service that allows you to store any kind of information, such as text, audio, and video files with High security and durability.

It also offers REST-based API which enables cloud storage to seamlessly integrate with an app run by developers and as well as enterprises.

The data storage service can be integrated with the rest of Google’s services, providing a secure way for businesses to have with

Key Features:

1.The Google cloud storage has REST-API which makes it seamlessly integrate into apps designed by developers.

2. Google Cloud storage allows its users to set their own data TTL(Time To Live) levels as well as archive the content when it is not being accessed.

3. Google Cloud storage enables the customer to choose between different storage classes, without having an impact on latency.

4. Each object can be as large as 5TB with no limits to the read frequency

Types of cloud storage classes :

1. Standard: This storage class is best for store data that is frequently accessed.

2. Nearline: This storage class is best for storing infrequently accessed data with 30days minimum storage duration with low-cost

3. Coldline: This storage class is used for infrequently accessed data with 90days minimum storage duration with very low-cost and highly durable storage

4. Archive: This storage class is used for data archiving and online backups and disaster recovery.

Types of storage locations :

Data centres are located in different parts of the country, so users can select where their data will be stored.

1. Multi-region: Data can be stored in the highest availability across the largest area

2. Dual-region: Data can be stored in dual-region(2 regions) for high availability

3. Region: Data can be stored in a single region

Can we integrate Cloud storage with other Google Cloud Services?

Cloud storage integrates perfectly with other cloud services such as App Engine, BigQuery, Cloud Data Flow, Stackdriver logging.

The data movement across the services is facilitated via REST-based API’s

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