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High Performance Computing (HPC)

High Performance Computing (HPC)


Building a reliable and cost-effective high-performance computing (HPC) cluster is not straightforward. Fournine design cloud-based HPC clusters to enable enterprise organisations to have secure and flexible cloud HPC and Big Compute environments as per the needs. With the dynamic scaling of groups, the business can get the resources it needs at the right time and the right price.

Fournine HPC solution architects team have the technologists specialising in the design and delivery of cloud-based HPC infrastructures. We offer systems from as small as two nodes up to your most essential configurations. Whether it’s an entirely new project or a re-design of an existing environment, we can work with you to tailor-made solutions to your specific business needs.

While it is easy to set up a cloud server and run, it is possible only after building a complete cloud activity. Managing and controlling the operation, keeping in mind the efficiency can be a challenge.

We design clusters because
Docker Container Strategy
Container Readiness Assessments
Docker Swarm and Kubernetes Health Checks
Docker Swarm and Kubernetes Pilots
Docker Swarm and Kubernetes Implementation and Orchestration
Container Monitoring Services
Container Managed Services
We Offer
Dynamic scaling of Big Data, Big Compute and HPC workloads based on work queues
Scalability from ones to thousands of instances
Job submission, monitoring, and administration
Data transfer on-demand or on-schedule